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500 Likes For Instagram Free: Dear readers, are you an Instagram user? Did you like to get 500 likes on Instagram? Are you trying to get Rs 500 likes on Instagram? If your answer is then you are in the perfect blog. Okay readers, let’s switch on to the article. Some people like to give more Instagram likes to their profiles.

They need some tricks and guides to get more Instagram likes daily. There are lots of methods available in the internet market that help to get more Instagram-like. This article is going to show you the simplest method to get more Instagram followers. So join us without deleting to make your Instagram profile more engaged.

500 Likes for Instagram Free

Keep reading this complete tutorial without any skip and get some tricks to get more Instagram followers. Our technical team gathers this information from trustful resources. So without any hesitation just follow this below simple method that helps to get 500 likes for Instagram free.

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Is it possible to get 500 likes on Instagram?

Yes, of course, you can easily get 500 likes on Instagram organically. You need to provide high-quality content on your social media page and you will get more likes on the followers. In that same way, you need to post regular and high-quality unique posts on your Instagram. After that, you need to get 500 to 1000 likes on your Instagram post.

This upcoming guide will explain to you the simplest technique to get more Instagram likes. So continue reading this article to the end line to get some useful information about Instagram likes and followers.

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How to get 500 likes for Instagram free?

Nowadays lots of third-party applications are available in the internet market which helps to gain free Instagram followers and likes. If you are using a smartphone then you can easily install this application on you will get more Instagram followers on likes on your Instagram profile.

For Android user

  • Likes for Insta
  • likes4like
  • Instaupapk
  • followers &likes

For iOS users

  • Insta boost
  • tag likes
  • Inplan

You can also boost your Instagram likes and followers using online websites. There are numerous websites available in the internet market that provide free Instagram likes. Using anyone of them you will get more Instagram likes. Here we listed the most popular websites that offer free Instagram likes on followers.

Insta followers

It is one of the most popular websites that offers more Instagram followers for free. Using this website you will get up to 10 free likes. Every 24 hours you will get 10 to 50 likes in your account.

Mega famous

It is another website that also offers 10 to 50 likes. If you want to have more Instagram likes then you need to complete the login process with the help of your email address. It will take a few minutes to complete the sign-in process and increase the number of likes in your account.


Famoid is also a great website that provides a variety of services. With the help of this website, you will get free Instagram likes, comments, and followers. In this service, you need to provide your username and email address. After completing the sign-in process you will get free Instagram likes.

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Mr Popular

Mr Popular is a widely used website that clients different services. It provides free Instagram likes with no effort. You just include your Instagram account details then you will get more Instagram likes.

Disclaimer: we do not recommend these types of third-party services because they require you to input your Instagram account details. As a result your personal information possibly be termed your Instagram account.

How to get 500 likes on Instagram organically

If you want to increase likes on your Instagram account you need to follow some procedures and tricks. Here we mention some important tips to get more Instagram likes.

  • First, you need to post high-quality visually appealing content.
  • You need to upload clear images and attractive photos.
  • Consistency plays a major role in getting more Instagram followers and likes. So maintain your consistent posting schedule time to keep your audience engaged. Regular activity can help your post appear at the feet of your followers.
  • You need to interact with your followers and other users.
  • Respond to comments on your post and direct messages. It will also help you get more Instagram likes.
  • Using relevant hashtags that helps to easily find your post. users can search the popular hashtags and then easily reach your post.
  • Identify the time when your audience is most active and schedule your post time accordingly.


1. Are free Instagram likes real?

If you are using a third-party tool then most of the likes are fake and automated accounts. So you always focus on your content and get Instagram likes organically.

2. Can I get 1000 likes on Instagram?

Yes of course you can get 1000 likes on Instagram. You need to post high-quality content, and relevant hashtags and create vote polls that help to get more engaged in your audience.


I hope this article helps to give some useful information about 500 likes for Instagram free. If you want to protect your Instagram account then you need to avoid third-party Instagram tools for getting more Instagram followers.

Of course, it will take more time and you need to put more effort into getting Instagram followers and likes organically. But it is the safest method to get Instagram likes. That’s why we always recommend Instagram followers organically. If you have any doubts regarding this article let me know you are queries in the comment box section.

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